We offer a range of canoeing trips on many of the Yukon’s best canoeing rivers. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or new to fine art of wilderness canoeing we’ve got a trip to suit you.
Our fully-guided and outfitted canoe trips allow you to relax and fully enjoy the experience.
We travel in small groups. We provide one tent per person unless you’d prefer to share. And the food is second to none. Where possible we take advantage of opportunities for hiking, fishing, berry picking and goldpanning.
Come by yourself or with a group. Contact us for detailed trip itineraries.

Wind River
Guided Canoe Trips 2001
Wind River
11 days

Dates: Aug. 6- August 16
Price per person: $3,317/person (CDN) $2,300 (US)
Spectacular wilderness, rich natural and human history and great paddling for all skill levels makes the Wind River one of our favourites. Only accessible by floatplane, this remote Class 2 mountain river promises to be the trip of a lifetime.
Day 1: Drive to Mayo and fly into McLusky Lake.
Day 2-10: Paddle the Wind River. Hiking and Fishing too.
Day 11: Fly back to Mayo. Drive to Whitehorse.


Big Salmon River
10 days

Big Salmon River
Dates: August 21 - August 30
Price per person: $2,033 (CDN) $1,400 (US)
With great scenery and incredible fishing, the Big Salmon River is a popular choice for first-time wilderness adventurers who want to hone their canoeing skills. This Class 2 river flows through the Pelly Mountain Range before meeting the mighty Yukon River at the historic Big Salmon village.
Day 1: Drive to the put-in at Quiet Lake. Begin trip.
Day 2-9: Paddle the Big Salmon. Hiking and fishing too.
Day 10: Take out at Little Salmon. Drive to Whitehorse.
Snake River
12 days

Dates: July 2 - July 13
Price per person: $3,531 (CDN) $2,450 (US)
The Snake is truly a wilderness river - there has never been any development in this area. Nestled next to the magnificent MacKenzie Mountain Range, the Snake is an intermediate river with several class 3 rapids, great hiking and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.
Day 1: Drive to Mayo and fly into Duo Lakes.
Day 2-11: Canoe the Snake River with at least one layover day.
Day 12: Fly back to Mayo, drive to Whitehorse.
Beaver River
11 days

Dates: Sept. 4 - Sept. 14
Price per person: $3,317 (CDN) $2,300 (US)
Located in the southeast corner of the Yukon, the Beaver River takes you through a unique eco-region teeming with wildlife. There are two spectacular canyons and even some natural hotsprings to make the trip a little more special. This seldom travelled river is for paddlers with some moving water experience.
Day 1: Drive to Watson Lake and camp.
Day 2-10: Fly into Hugo Lake.
Day 3 -10: Canoe the Beaver River
Day 11: Fly back to Watson Lake. Drive to Whitehorse.
Upper Stikine River
12 days
Dates: Aug. 3 - Aug. 14
Price per person: $3,103 (CDN) $2,150 (US)
This trip on northern B.C.'s "great river" is for intermediate canoe paddlers. Located in the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park, the Upper Stakine promises spectacular mountain scenery, great hiking and exciting whitewater.
Teslin River
8 days
Dates: June 1 - June 8
Price per person: $1,926 (CDN), $1,350 (US)
The Teslin is a classic wilderness canoe trip. Easy paddling mixed with rich human and natural history in addition to fishing opportunities make this a great choice for an early season trip.
Day 1: Drive to Johnson's Crossing. Begin trip.
Day 2-7: Canoe the Teslin and Yukon rivers.
Day 8: Finish trip at Little Salmon. Drive to Whitehorse.
Yukon River
5 days
Dates: June 11 - June 15, June 18 - June 22



Price per person: $1,391 (CDN) $960 (US)
The historic Yukon River is best known as the route thousands of fortune seekers took during the great Klondike Goldrush more than 100 years ago. Today, it's a history buff's delight and a nice, leisurely paddling trip for first time adventurers.
Day 1: Drive to Lake Laberge and begin canoe trip.
Day 2-4: Canoe the Yukon River.
Day 5: Finish trip at Little Salmon. Drive to Whitehorse.
Hart River
12 days
Dates: July 17 - July 28
Price per person: $3, 959 (CDN) $2,720 (US)
The Hart River, like its counterparts the Wind ,Snake, and Bonnet Plume, is a true mountain river running through one of the last great wilderness area in the Yukon. This Class II and III river is for intermediate paddlers.
Day 1: Drive to Mayo and camp.
Day 2: Fly by floatplane into Elliot Lake. Helicopter portage to Hart River.
Day 3 - 11: Canoe the Hart River
Day 12: Fly by floatplane back to Mayo. Drive to Whitehorse.